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Munshaat Vision

Believing that integration is the right path to remarkable achievements, our investment solutions comes so unique to grow and so fruitful to attract those willing to join the world of real estate investments.

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Munshaat Team

Munshaat Team

Every individual working for Munshaat has a different set of strengths that makes each one of us unique. As a Company, we are building a strengths-based organization that taps into these differences...

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Annual Report

Munshaat Annual Report 2020



ZamZam Pullman Mecca Hotel

Makkah (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

The Zamzam Pullman Mecca hotel is one of the largest hotels of Munshaat Company in Mecca, and is considered as a five-star hotel...

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ZamZam Pullman Medina Hotel

Al-Madinah (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

�Zamzam Pullman Medina� is the brand hotel name for the five-star Dar Al Qiblah tower...

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Bakka Tower

Makkah (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

It is one of the residential Abraj Al Safwah towers, which is characterized by its close proximity to the Sanctuary...


Al-Mehrab Company

Al-Mehrab Real Estate Company is a closed Kuwaiti shareholding company founded in mid-2008...